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Material NameAmount WantedFrequency WantedDate Listed
Plastics, non PVC 1000 tonsmonthly03/19/14
Electronic waste anycontinous02/03/14
Aluminum 7 tonsper month01/29/14
Electronic Waste 7 tons plusmonthly01/29/14
e waste 100 tonscontinous01/11/14
thread and yarn waste 40,000 poundsmonthly12/09/13
brewery Waste anycontinuously12/05/13
Wood Chips, Whole Tree Bark 25 to 500 tons per weekweekly12/05/13
Wood Chips, dirty 18,000 tonsannually12/05/13
Ridged PVC 38K lbs2 loads a month09/12/13
Electric Motors Scrap 20 MTS5 loads a week08/31/13
Used Gaylords any quantityongoing08/12/13
Pine Bark unlimitedweekly06/20/13
Strofoam unlimited Continous06/06/13
LDPE AnyAlways06/02/13
E Waste (no CRTs) Any Amountcontiuous05/23/13
Baled Plastic Drums 40000 lbs a weekweekly04/08/13
Cones or tubes ongoingcontinuous04/04/13
plastic wrap ongoingcontinuous04/04/13
HPP and CoPP ongoingcontinuous04/04/13
Most types of plastic materials. ongoingcontinuous04/04/13
Nylon ongoingcontinuous04/04/13
LLDPE ongoingcontinuous04/04/13
LDPE ongoingcontinuous04/04/13
HIPS ongoingcontinuous04/04/13
HD ongoingcontinuous04/04/13
ABS wanted ongoing or one timecontinuous04/04/13
wood chips, sawdust, bark, grindings, mdf 20 tons +continuous03/19/13
Barn Lumber and Beams unlimitedMonthly03/19/13


North Carolina Division of Environmental Assistance and Customer Service (DEACS)
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