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Material NameAmount WantedFrequency WantedDate Listed
Food Waste 2,000 tonsContinous03/03/15
Food Waste 2,000 tonsContinous03/03/15
Bakery Waste 2,000 tonsContinous03/03/15
Brewery Waste 2,000 tonsContinous03/03/15
Land Clearing Debris 5,000 tonsContinous03/03/15
Yard Waste 10,000 tonsContinous03/03/15
Food Waste 2,000 tonsContinous03/03/15
Pallets 1000scontinuos03/02/15
ammonia 20 gallonsmonthly02/20/15
sodium metabisfulate 20 gallonsmonthly02/20/15
ferrous sulfate 20 gallonsmonthly02/20/15
hydrogen peroxide 20 gallonsmonthly02/20/15
sulfuric acid 20 gallonsmonthly02/20/15
sodium hydroxide 20 gallonsmonthly02/20/15
hydrochloric acid 30 gallonsmonthly02/19/15
muriatic acid 30 gallonsmonthly02/19/15
nitric acid 30 gallonsmonthly02/19/15
Sawdust, mulch, wood waste tonscontinuous , one time02/06/15
Used Gaylords truckloadon going01/07/15
gourds tons monthly12/11/14
Cell phones, computer towers, laptops unlimitedcontinuous12/10/14
polyethylene foam unlimitedcontinuous12/02/14
plastic pallets allcontinous11/14/14
Skinner Waste 40000Monthly11/10/14
Plastic Pallets, 55 gallon drums, totes, Buckets 2 tons pluscontinous10/23/14
saw logs anycontinous10/21/14
Spent Grain Anycontinous10/21/14
standard 48×40 4 way wood pallets allcontinuous10/16/14
oily water 150 gals and upone time continous10/09/14
Used Antifreeze 150 gals and upone time continous10/09/14
Used Oil Filters 55 gal drumone time continous10/09/14
Used Oil 150 gals and upone time continous10/09/14
Compostable Waste 20+ tons or 100+ yardsany10/04/14
coffee grounds 100 lbscontinuous09/20/14
brewery waste any amountcontinuous09/20/14
computers, laptops and related equipment any amountcontinuous09/20/14
Plastic Pallets, Totes and Dunnage Truckloadsongoing09/15/14
Dry Virgin Wood Dust unlimitedcontinuous09/12/14
MDF,HDF Sawdust unlimitedcontinuous09/12/14
Sawdust, Chips, Bark, etc. unlimitedcontinuous09/12/14
occ 2 plus tonsContinous07/28/14
baler or shredder 10 tonsone time07/15/14
Hard and Soft Cover Books AnyAny06/26/14
Plastic Film Scrap 50 tonsmonthly05/30/14
Used Vegetable Oil 100 gallonsQuarterly05/23/14
Computers, laptop, desktop and mobile phone UnlimitedContinous05/19/14
OIl Filters Anycontinous04/18/14
Plastics, non PVC 1000 tonsmonthly03/19/14
Electronic waste anycontinous02/03/14


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