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Material NameAmount WantedFrequency WantedDate Listed
Used Cooking Oil , Waste Vegetable Oil AnyContinuous12/19/16
Gaylord Boxes (Bulk) 2000 GaylordsMonthly11/05/16
Recycled Styrofoam 500,000 Lbs.Monthly11/05/16
LD,LLD,HD Film , Foam , Bubble Wrap OngoingOngoing11/01/16
Billboard Signs UnlimitedOne time or Continuous10/21/16
Cotton Gin Trash > 20 tonsunknown09/29/16
horse manure >20 tonsunknown09/29/16
culled fruits, vegetables, etc. >20 tonscontinuous09/29/16
Distillers Grain >20 tonscontinuous09/29/16
Grass Clippings, wood grindings >20 tonscontinuous09/29/16
Grass Clippings >20 tonscontinuous09/29/16
Class A > 20 tons varies09/29/16
Lithium AED Batteries Any amountContinual07/27/16
Brewers grain 7 tonsweekly07/20/16
Pallet Totes Bins truckloadsongoing04/27/16
Used Gaylords truckloadsongoing04/27/16
phonebooks as many as possibleASAP04/12/16
Pallets and Scrap 2x4 100 CTmonthly04/12/16
48x40 wood pallets 100+continous03/23/16
HDPE milk botte 20 ton weekly 12/21/15
Brewery 10 tonscontinous05/01/15
Bakery Waste 10 tonscontinous05/01/15


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