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Material NameAmount on HandFrequency AvailablePrice ($)CityStateDate Listed
Closed Head Steel Drums 600 Drumsseveral loads per yearCallDaltonGA09/08/17
8 ft x 8 ft wood pallets used 50 tonsone time Winston SalemNC09/01/17
Airplane Seats E Leather 10,000 poundscontinuous Winston SalemNC08/02/17
Used Gaylords truckloadongoing Forest CityNC07/20/17
2007 GMC Cabover w, 16 ft Electronic DumpBed 1one time9,900.00Albemarle NC 07/04/17
Activated Carbon 75 supersacks 2000 lb eaone timemake an offerMooresboronorth carolina06/30/17
Two part adhesive 45 gallons (of each part)One time5.00KinstonNC06/02/17
Olybond 500, Part 1 and 2 185 gallons (each part)One time5.00KinstonNC06/02/17
2005 Freight,13 Yard Cart Tipper 13 Yard Side Load Cart Tipperone time29,900AlbemarleNorth Carolina04/25/17
Boiler Fuel,Mulch >100 tonscontinuousDepends on DistanceAshevilleNC04/13/17
Modular Units 5 unitsUntil SOLD (Sealed Bid ENDS March 31, 2017 @ 2PM)625.00 Reserve PriceOxfordNC 03/20/17
Crude Glycerol > 50,000 lbsWeekly.02 per lbWilsonNC12/19/16
Biodiesel Boiler Fuel > 50,000 gallonsWeekly1.25 gallonWilsonNC12/19/16
Foam sheets 11 boxes (200+ ,box)one timeFREEHendersonvilleNC12/07/16
5 Gallon Food Grade Buckets with lids 2,000 BucketsOne Time7.00 per bucket or 600.00 per palletChadbournNC11/23/16
unbaled agricultural plastic film variableoccasionallyfreeSiler CityNC11/10/16
Ice Packs 1000+ContinuousFreeDURHAMSelect State10/31/16
bisphenol A 3 55gal barrelsone timefreeCharlotte nc10/27/16
Boiler fuel several hundred tonscontinuous WilmingtonNC10/27/16
Sheetrock 15700 tonsannually WilmingtonNC10/27/16
Pine Shavings 500 yrds +continuousdepends on delivery locationScottsburgVirginia09/27/16
Sawdust 5000 tons + continuous ScottsburgVirginia09/27/16
Dry Sawdust plentycontinuous varies depends on deliveryScottsburg 09/27/16
1 1,4 mulch 15 tons weekweeksFreeDenverNC09/16/16
Glass Bead Powder 20 Yard Open Top ContainerContinuous FletcherNorth Carolina09/13/16
Butane 3 cylindersone timenegotiableGastoniaNC09/07/16
Fiber Drums 50continous7.00DurhamNorth Carolina08/25/16
super sacks 50on going3.00DurhamNorth Carolina08/25/16
super sacks 50on going3.00DurhamNorth Carolina08/25/16
ldpe 40 tonscontinous350 bellusco07/21/16


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