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Material NameAmount on HandFrequency AvailablePrice ($)CityStateDate Listed
magnesium oxide 400 800 lbone timeTBDMarionNC12/17/14
sodium hypochlorite 12.5% 20 gallonsone timefree on pickupMarionNC12/17/14
sulfuric acid 66 degree 30 gallonsone timefree on pickupMarionNC12/17/14
muriatic acid 20 degree 30 gallonsone timefree on pickupMarionNC12/17/14
hydrogen peroxide 35% 55 gallonsone timefree on pickupMarionNC12/17/14
acetic acid 25 gallonsone timefree on pickupMarionNC12/17/14
sodium hypochlorite 55 gallon drumone timefree on pickupMarionNC12/17/14
sulfuric acid 68 degree 30 gallonsone timefree on pickupMarionNC12/17/14
caustic, no silicate >50 lbone timefree on pickupMarionNC12/17/14
sodium hydorxide liquid >100 gallonsone timefree on pickupMarionNC12/17/14
sodium hydorxide beads 55 gallonsone timefree on pickupMarionNC12/17/14
caustic cleaner 6 55 gallonsone timefree on pickupMarionNC12/17/14
ferrous sulfate (liquid) 55 gallonsone timefree on pickupMarionNC12/17/14
nitric acid 42 degree >30 gallonsone timefree on pickupMarionNC12/17/14
stannous sulfate 5 gal pailone timefree on pickupMarionNC12/17/14
glycerine 7 gallonsone timefree on pickupMarionNC12/17/14
potassium carbonate 50 lbone timefree on pickupMarionNC12/17/14
benzoicacid 50 lbone timefree on pickupMarionNC12/17/14
sodium cyanide 25 lb one timefree on pickupMarionNC 12/17/14
Wet Char 15,000 wet tonscontinuous0PlymouthNC12/17/14
Sawdust,shavings,woodchips, barks, p.g mulch UnlimitedAnytime   12/17/14
Methanol 3,000 gallonsone timebest offer  12/10/14
Hydrogen peroxide @550 gallonscontinuouslyno charge for materialDurhamNC12/03/14
Various ceramic material scrap tbdmonthlyfree to pickupHendersonvilleNC11/07/14
SiCarbide Plate pieces 100 lbsmonthlyfreeHendersonville NC11/07/14
super sacks 10,daycontinuousfree to pickupHendersonvilleNC11/07/14
Liquid Urea 50% 5000 gallonsOne Time.17,lbValeNC 11/03/14
Solar,Portable,Fuel Tank,Pump Assembly OneOnce$4,000HuntersvilleNC10/16/14
standard 48×40 4 way wood pallets callcontinuousnon profit selling at a discounted price  10/16/14
55 gallon drums 700bi monthly15$salisburync09/19/14
Old Sawdust 100,000 tonscontinuousnegotiableScottsburgVirginia09/12/14
Dry MDF,HDF Sawdust 10,000+ tons per yearcontinuousnegotiableScottsburgVirginia09/12/14
Calcium Hypochlorite 60,000 lbsOne time0.00NewtonNC08/27/14
Woven fiberglass, white 2 4 30 yd container,daycontinuouslycomparable to landfill priceWashingtonNC08/26/14
Root Vegetables 50 tonsContinuous 36 month contract $25.00 per ton (Negotiable)TurkeyNC08/21/14
wood 250 yardsone time0EdentonNorth Carolina08/20/14
Tall Supersacks 1400ongoing$3 per bagForest CityNC08/19/14
chips and sawdust 3000 tonscontinuous WhitevilleNC08/11/14
Ground Limestone 700 tonone timefree, you pick upMooresboroNc08/11/14
Wood scrap blocks 400 tonsOne time HudsonNC08/08/14
Asphalt flux 200,000 gallonscontinuous$280 per ton  08/07/14
Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate 2000 lbsone timeneg  08/06/14
Alumina Trihydrate ATH 20,000 lbsone timeneg  08/06/14
metal storage cabinet 1one time125.00DurhamNC07/31/14
Insulated Shipping Gaylords 20 units5 per week$10,unitClaytonNC07/29/14
Green Strapping 10 tonsMonthly??Salisburync07/28/14
55 gallon metal drums 300 plus300 Plus Monthly15$Salisburync07/28/14
Wood dust boiler fuel 140 tonsone time HudsonNorth Carolina07/28/14
Gypsum 1000 tonsContinuous$13 per tonFayettevilleNC07/25/14
Sodium Chloride (Salt) 300 gallonsContinuousMake OfferFayettevilleNC07/25/14
Camel Backs 500 1000 eaOne time$2,500 total lotFayettevilleNC07/25/14
OSB board cuttings approx 200 lbscontinuous   07/08/14
Plastic Pallets 1000ongoing$5 per palletForest CityNC07/07/14
HDPE 5 tonscontinous DurhamNC07/01/14
PP 3 tonscontinous DurhamNC07/01/14
wood waste 2 tonsmonthlyfreeDurhamNC07/01/14
Pallets @ 400 tonsannuallynegotiable but very minimalRockinghamNC06/24/14
Ground Mulch 800 900 tonsone time$15,000 (OBO)ConcordNC06/02/14
Sulfuric Acid 66 DEG BE 750 gallonsone timenegotiableGastoniaNC05/02/14
plastic drums 40continous7 eachDurhamN04/22/14
Neoprene , polychloroprene 10,000 lbsdaily, weekly, monthlynegotiableChina GroveNC04/16/14
Barrels with Removable Lids 100monthly8LenoirNC04/10/14
all 20 tonsmonthlyneg  04/02/14
Wood pallets 2,000 varying sizescontinous monthlyFree HudsonNorth Carolina03/31/14
Wood Chips Infinite,continuously chipping ContinousFreeCalabashNC03/24/14
metal drum 21continous15  03/17/14
Insulated shipping box 100 boxescontinous1.00 per boxDurhamNC01/11/14
styrofoam 20 tonscontinous05 cents lbsDurhamNC01/11/14
Corn Mass 100,000 metric ton100,000 metric ton now availableprice discounts on large purchaseManilaPhilippines12/18/13
Pine and Hardwood Bark 1000 tonscontinuousFreeMoncureNC12/04/13
Woody Biomass 200 truckloadscontinuous$15 FOB my site  12/04/13
Ground wood waste 20,000 cubic yardscontinuous2RaleighNC12/03/13
Shipping Crates 15 tonsmonthlynegotiablePeachlandNC12/03/13
Kiln dried wood chips 60 tonsweeklynegotiableStony PointNorth Carolina12/03/13
Cured EPDM Rubber 30,000 poundsQuarterlyFREE FOR PICK UP!SanfordNC 11/27/13
Calcium Carbonate,Liming Agent 2000 tonscontinuousnegotiableCantonNorth Carolina11/21/13
Used Powder Paint Coatings 2300+ 55 fiber drums160 drum,monthly0.00 NC11/19/13


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